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A Thank You from an Art Teacher

The following was read by one of the CHIME art teachers at the last CHIME Community Association meeting:

Dear Community Association Parents,

Please accept my wholehearted thanks! For what? you may be asking.

I recently attended a weekend conference for art teachers (California Art Education Association) in Idyllwild. It was a lovely setting for art inspiration and collaboration with other art educators. I learned Continue reading

Notes from 4-30-13 Meeting

Some highlights of the 4-30-13 CHIME Community Association meeting follow:

  • Chimeapalooza, a variety show and annual fundraising event for the CHIME Institute, will take place May 7 at CSUN.
  • A nominating committee was formed to generate awareness and interest in CCA Board Member nominations for next year. There are nominating forms available to nominate existing and new board members. Thus far we have four nominations.
  • As of this meeting results of this year’s carnival profits had not been finalized. A post-carnival review is planned to determine what worked and what didn’t work.
  • Results of the community survey on fundraising preferences are being tabulated and will go out once completed. Survey was created to determine preferences on types of fundraising and how best to approach the community. A meeting is scheduled with Erin Studer to discuss fundraising for the school and the institute.
  • Mr. Studer announced Common Core testing was underway with over 86 computers installed in the auditorium over Spring Break. About 60 of those 86 computers were purchased by CCA over the years and made it possible for the set up.
  • Mr. Studer also discussed a potential CHIME High School campus. CHIME’s bid beat out other contenders to buy and develop the campus, so discussions are ongoing with the district and in consult with CHIME Institute board/committee. The topic of expanding CHIME Charter for potential high school or establishing a new one is under consideration. Timing could be up to 5 years to a complete and operational high school.
  • And Mr. Studer gave an update on the Middle School building project.

Read the complete meeting minutes here.

The Carnival is Almost Upon Us!

We’re all getting very excited about the upcoming Super School! carnival and health fair coming up THIS SATURDAY, April 5. Just a few last-minute reminders:

  • Every person attending the Carnival must have an admission ticket OR an all-inclusive wristband—even if you’re volunteering or there for set-up
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult—there is no child drop-off permitted
  • All inclusive wristbands are only for pre-sale & include admission/entry
  • If you did not complete a pre-order form, advance tickets and wristbands will be on sale on campus through Friday

For Auction:

  • We hope you’re getting excited for the auction to be held at the carnival! It’s chock full of great items to bid on, including treats special to CHIME, art, music, dance, sports enrichment classes and camps, dining and food, amusement and entertainment tickets, museums, services, weekend getaways, TV studio tapings, beauty and fitness coupons, doctors’ services, jewelry and clothing. Take a look at the complete catalog here.
  • Online auction closes Thursday
  • Wine Cellar and General raffle tickets are on sale this week on campus and at the Carnival raffle booth

Cake Walk:

  • Cakes for the cake walk should be delivered to school on Friday to any gate or the drive-thru line
  • Free dress pass for every donation! Sign up to donate here.


  • We still need help! Sign up at
  • Check in at the volunteer check in at the carnival

See you there!!!




Online Auction is LIVE!

Bid online in our annual spring auction now through April 3 at

There are lots of great items: family trips, dining, amusement parks, enrichment classes, and more!

And enter the wine raffle or Super School raffle now to win an instant wine cellar! There will be at least two wine raffles of 25 bottles each.

Ticket prices:
Wine raffle: $5 each, or 3 for 10
Other raffles: $1 each, or 12 for 10

Fill out the Pre-order Form and turn in with payment to the front office. You will pick up tickets on the day of the event (however you do NOT need to be present to win). If you are pre-ordering discount entrance tickets, staple the two forms together and pay with one check.

Questions? Contact Stacy at or Sarah at

Thanks for the Wine Donations

Thank you to the following families who have donated to the wine cellar:

The Almora FamilyThe Anderson Family

The Ball Family

The Barneck Family

The Bays Family

The Bedloo Family

The Belkin Family

The Bernardoni Family

The Bolton Family

Jill and Patrick Cady

The Celosky Family

The Chulak Family

The Danyluk Family

The Hadashi Family

The Hill Family

The Fisher Family

The Franklin Family

The Larson Family

The Marks Family

The Martinez Family

The McSwain FamilyThe Medina Family

The Melendez Family

The Naumer-Gravel Family

Peasant Wine Bistro

The Phelan Family

The Plowman Family

The Poonja Family

The Segall Family

Gina Sherman

The Reiss-Watts Family

The Rice Family

The Riley Family

The Teola Family

The Toubes Family

The Walker Family

John and Jennifer Warner

Shannon Warner

The Zadak Family

The Zamir Family

We are still collecting wine (value +$10)!  Either bring them in to the office OR simply hand it out of the car window at “pick-up” every Thursday and Friday! For all donations, your family or business will be mentioned in the Wine Cellar Book.

If you would like to help or have any questions, please contact either Lauren or Shannon at


CHIME’s annual carnival & (new) health fair will take place on Saturday, April 5th from 11am to 4pm. Plan for a super fun-filled day in partnership with our healthy school program, featuring:

  • Powerful Silent Auction
  • Heroic games and rides
  • Super food trucks
  • Super Xtra parking

Buy your tickets in advance AND SAVE! Download order form and turn in with payment to the office.

Have questions about what it’s all about and how the auction works? Read our FAQ.

We’re a SUPER SCHOOL making super choices!

Have questions for the organizers?

Jennifer Currier, Carnival Co-Chair:
Melanie Stedman, Carnival Co-Chair:
Stacy Cameron, Auction Co-Chair:
Sarah Cook, Auction Co-Chair:
Erfan Marks, Auction Family Basket Chair:
Rhonda Vittetoe, Ticket Sales:

Carnival and Auction FAQ

We know there are a number of new families at CHIME who are not as familiar with our carnival and auction, so we wanted to take an opportunity to offer a FAQ to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting. We hope you find this useful. Please do not hesitate to contact the chairs with any other questions (emails noted below).

1. When is the Carnival & Auction?

  • The Carnival, Silent Auction & Live Auction are on Saturday, April 5 11:00am-4:00pm.
  • The Online Auction runs from March 25 to April 3.

2. What is the theme of the carnival this year?

1. CHIME—Super School!! We received a significant grant from State Farm Insurance to support health and fitness programs within the CHIME Institute (Charter K-8, preschool, & infant toddler programs). As part of the grant stipulations, we are incorporating the ‘healthy’ theme into our Carnival—so we’ll have all the usual Carnival games and foods PLUS some health fair booths and healthier food choices. Specific details have been developing and will continue to be refined until Saturday, April 5th!

3. How much does everything cost?

  • Admission tickets are $7 per person. Please remember to buy your admission ticket even if you are volunteering to set-up in the morning.
  • Activity tickets are $0.50 each.
  • Food items range from 8-16 tickets.
  • Game booths are 1 ticket.
  • Rides range from 4-8 tickets.

4. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, for the auction and on the day of the Carnival, you may pay with cash, check or credit/debit cards

5. Do I have to volunteer?

  • The Carnival & Auction are run COMPLETELY by parent volunteers. We request that every family plan to volunteer for 2 hours or more at the Carnival/Auction and/or during the planning stages before April 5.
  • You can have your child work your classroom/grade booth with you.
  • If it will be challenging on the day of the event, please contact an event chair to help now before the event.
  • Please watch for email updates for volunteer sign-ups that will come through the room parents and the CHIME eBlasts, or contact a chair to volunteer.

6. When is the Auction donation deadline?

  • Family Baskets – Monday, 3/10.
  • General Donations – Friday, 3/14.
  • If you can get something, but it will take longer, please contact an auction chair so they can plan for it.

7. What’s the difference between the class/family basket and if I just donate any item?

  • Family/class baskets are baskets of many items with a theme. Each year the committee selects themes that have done well or have a popular interest. We ask people to contribute specific items so that we have some cohesively-themed interest baskets.
  • You can ask companies to donate the specific items, buy the items yourself or with a group of friends, use your reward points to get them—be creative!
  • General donations are items that are solicited; you asked a company or individual to donate a gift card, a service, a product, etc. This can range from restaurants, department stores, local shops, service people (pool service, pest control, legal, counseling, medical, etc.), hotels, health & beauty spas—again, be creative. Pretty much any place you go is something someone else could use, so please ask them to consider donating.

8. What if I have a donation from my office, who do I give that to?

9. Are the items on the google doc the only items needed?

No. The Google doc is only what we need for the Themed Baskets. We welcome ALL donations. No donation is too small.

10. What company’s or businesses have donated so far so I do not ask again?

As part of our auction team process, we send donation requests to past donors and complete corporate applications. If you walk in to ask for a donation, most places understand that parents are soliciting for schools and most don’t mind being asked twice or reminded that they have our donation request.

Also, you being there and asking may be the difference between us getting the donation or not, so please just ask.

11. What are items that the school has received already? What items are most wanted?

Restaurants and clothing stores tend to sell the best at auction, but every donation is welcomed and desired. Every donation will help support programs for our kids!

Please visit the web page for the latest updates to the Carnival & Auction.

Thank you for hitting the streets, picking up the phone, and supporting our Auction & Carnival!!

The Auction & Carnival Teams

Jennifer Currier, Carnival Co-Chair:
Melanie Stedman, Carnival Co-Chair:
Stacy Cameron, Auction Co-Chair:
Sarah Cook, Auction Co-Chair:
Erfan Marks, Auction Family Basket Chair:
Rhonda Vittetoe, Ticket Sales:

Our Next Meeting is Wed., Feb. 26

We’ll talk about a number of things at the meeting this Wednesday (2/26/14 at 8:30am in the garden):

  • Administrative update
  • Updates on the the Carnival, the Auction, and the Free Money program
  • Reports on the Walk-n-Roll-n-Zoom(ba)-thon and Chuck E. Cheese fundraisers
  • Family Basket donations reminders
  • General announcements
  • Discussions on Spiritwear preorders and CCA fundraising survey
  • Then we’ll have Open Forum.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 26 at 7pm in the auditorium. The SpiritWear store will be open after the meeting.

How Does the Amazon Associates Program Work?

How it works

Our Amazon Associates program raises money when you click CHIME’S Amazon link on our website and purchase items from the Amazon store. CHIME is an ‘associate’ and we earn money by driving traffic (you!) to Amazon. When items are purchased by that traffic (you!), the associate (CHIME) receives part of the ad revenue Amazon collects from advertisers. So, although you don’t see that you are making money for CHIME, you are! The more items purchased, the more we earn per item purchased.

For example

Each month, CHIME receives a report on how many items were purchased through our link and how much each purchase earned. As more items are purchased each month, we earn higher percentages of purchases. We can earn anywhere from 4 to 10%!

Quantity of items % earned
1-6 4%
7-30 6%
31-110 6.5%
And on up…

Things to know

  • No sign up required
  • Same Amazon, same prices
  • Can still use your Amazon Prime Membership
  • Anyone can click through our link (friends, grandparents, neighbors etc.)
  • Amazon doesn’t show you that you are making money for CHIME, just know that you are if you use our link
  • Any purchase counts, even Amazon Instant Video rentals
  • Find the link at and click

How much we’ve earned so far!

Month(s) Items purchased $ for CHIME
Nov – Dec 2013 161 $218.65
Jan 2014 42 $69.91

You’re Invited to the 6th WALK-N-ROLL-N-ZOOM(ba)-THON


This is a make-it-or-break-it year for the music program! Please have your child get sponsors (we are no longer doing “per lap” sponsorship, just a flat rate), and come join our children as they walk, roll or Zumba around our track on Friday, January 31. Here’s the pledge sheet.

Our goal is $35,000. Our Student Body is about 700. $35,000/700 = $50 minimum sponsorship per student. We have some great incentives this year! If we earn:

• $20,000—A popsicle for EVERY student
• $25,000—School-wide free-dress for ONE DAY!
• $30,000—School-wide free-dress for ONE WEEK!!
• $35,000—CHIME will bring in an AWESOME band to perform for the entire student body during school—AND WE SAVE THE MUSIC PROGRAM!

After we’ve set-up the field and decorated the school with encouraging posters, we’ll need to cheer everyone on as they move (however they choose) to show their own support, commitment and enthusiasm for our music program.

Get a (dress-code approved) Zoombathon tshirt for the event! Place your pre-order by Monday, January 27 by 11am to ensure delivery in time. Shirts will also be available at the event while supplies last.

Can you volunteer to help that day? Here’s where you sign up. If you can’t volunteer can you make a poster with your student?