Free Money

Time to re-register your Ralphs card!

Every year we must register again for the new term so that our purchases at Ralphs Grocery Store will benefit CHIME. To re-enroll in the program go to and sign in. Click on your name on the upper right and scroll to the bottom of the Account Summary page for “Community Awards.” Type in “CHIME” to find our school and select it. For instructions on registering your card for the first time go to

Then shop at Ralphs using your card and a percentage of all purchases will go to CHIME. Such an easy way to make free money!!

Box Tops for Education

Help CHIME Earn Free Money

Turn in Box Tops to your child’s class each month.

We will collect Box Tops every month, count them, and announce the monthly winner at the awards assembly.

The class that collects the most Box Tops each month (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th) will earn a Box Top trophy to display in their classroom for the month!

The K-5 class that collects the most Box Tops for the school year will win a pizza party!!!

Please visit to learn about Bonus Box Tops. CHIME gets $0.50 per person that signs up for E Box Tops. Visit

Questions? Contact Dana Hamerman.


How Does the Amazon Associates Program Work?

How it works

Our Amazon Associates program raises money when you click CHIME’S Amazon link on our website and purchase items from the Amazon store. CHIME is an ‘associate’ and we earn money by driving traffic (you!) to Amazon. When items are purchased by that traffic (you!), the associate (CHIME) receives part of the ad revenue Amazon collects from advertisers. So, although you don’t see that you are making money for CHIME, you are! The more items purchased, the more we earn per item purchased.

For example

Each month, CHIME receives a report on how many items were purchased through our link and how much each purchase earned. As more items are purchased each month, we earn higher percentages of purchases. We can earn anywhere from 4 to 10%!

Quantity of items % earned
1-6 4%
7-30 6%
31-110 6.5%
And on up…

Things to know

  • No sign up required
  • Same Amazon, same prices
  • Can still use your Amazon Prime Membership
  • Anyone can click through our link (friends, grandparents, neighbors etc.)
  • Amazon doesn’t show you that you are making money for CHIME, just know that you are if you use our link
  • Any purchase counts, even Amazon Instant Video rentals
  • Find the link at and click

How much we’ve earned so far!

Month(s) Items purchased $ for CHIME
Nov – Dec 2013 161 $218.65
Jan 2014 42 $69.91

Contribute to CHIME while Shopping at Food 4 Less

food4lesslogoCHIME is enrolled with the Food4Less Community Contribution Program. If you already have a F4L Fuel Rewards card, you can register online. Or use the bar code below at Food for Less to register automatically as you checkout. If you do not have a Fuel Rewards card, please email to get a new card.

  1. When you receive your card, please register your card online at in order for CHIME to benefit.
  2. Click on “Community”, then “Community Rewards”, then “Enroll”
  3. As a new online customer, click on “Create an Account” right next to the “Sign In.”
  4. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create an account.
  5. After you create your online account, link your account with CHIME (NPO 81526) by editing your Community Rewards information on your profile page.
  6. Now, review your profile including your organization participation with CHIME.


Earn Funds for CHIME While Shopping at Target


Do you love Target? Is it your home away from home?

Get a 5% discount on everything you buy, free shipping on and an extra 30 days (on top of the 90 days) to return any merchandise, and CHIME gets a donation of 1% of everything you buy at Target. Plus, if you have the Visa REDcard, an additional one-half percent (0.5%) of everything else you buy will go to CHIME. It’s a win-win!

All you need to do is register your card:

  1. Call: Target Credit Card and Target Visa Credit Card account holders can sign up for the Take Charge of Education program by calling 1-800-316-6142.
  2. Online: at > look up a school, search for CHIME in Woodland Hills > select CHIME ELEMENTARY / MIDDLE SCHOOL and link it to your REDcard.
  3. In-store: sign up at an in-store kiosk.

Register Your Cards with Escrip for Free Money for CHIME

ImageDid you know that you could be earning up to 10% for CHIME, on purchases you’re making already? Take five minutes to renew or register your Vons, Pavilions or debit with and you’ll be contributing to the school painlessly. Here’s how:

  1. Have your Vons, Pavilions, debit cards available. (Call 877-723-3929 if you don’t know your Vons/Pavilions card number.)
  2. Visit
    1. If you are new to eScrip, click on “Sign-up – It’s Free” and follow the prompts
    2. To renew, click on “Sign-up – It’s Free” and click on “my eScrip” under “Existing Supporters” and then enter your phone number, E-mail, or Club Card and click “YES RENEW!”
  3. Select the group(s) you wish to support.  You can search by group name, CHIME Institute, or use the group ID 143173586. (You can support up to 3 different schools)
  4. Register your grocery cards (Vons, Pavilions, Safeway, etc.)
  5. Register your debit cards (when you use your debit cards at participating vendors, CHIME gets up to 10% on purchases—it can really add up!)  Note: to earn contributions for CHIME, purchases must be made by debit card, check, cash, Vons & Pavilions gift card, SmartCheck, WIC, SNAP, or CalFresh. Credit Card purchases no longer qualify for this program.

Register with Ralphs for Free Money for CHIME!


Did you know that if you register your Ralphs card or phone number with CHIME, every Ralphs purchase you make will earn free money for us? Take a couple of minutes to sign up and the school will benefit all year long at NO COST to you. (It’s important that you do this again every year.)

Register online at (and also sign up to get email coupons or load coupons to your rewards card if you like).

  1. For new online customers, click on “Create an Account,” enter information, and follow prompts.
  2. If you are already registered, you need to RENEW your registration ASAP: click on ‘Sign In.”
  3. Once registered/signed in, click on “Community”, then “Community Contribution” (on the left menu), then “Enroll” (at bottom)
  4. Enter 81526 or type “CHIME”, then select organization from list and click on confirm/save changes.
  5. “CHIME Charter School” will appear under your Community Rewards Information and your receipt.
  6. Call 1-800-660-9003 for your rewards number if you don’t have it handy.
  7. Or use the BARCODE below at checkout to register automatically!ralphsbarcode