Meeting Notes

Notes from 4-30-13 Meeting

Some highlights of the 4-30-13 CHIME Community Association meeting follow:

  • Chimeapalooza, a variety show and annual fundraising event for the CHIME Institute, will take place May 7 at CSUN.
  • A nominating committee was formed to generate awareness and interest in CCA Board Member nominations for next year. There are nominating forms available to nominate existing and new board members. Thus far we have four nominations.
  • As of this meeting results of this year’s carnival profits had not been finalized. A post-carnival review is planned to determine what worked and what didn’t work.
  • Results of the community survey on fundraising preferences are being tabulated and will go out once completed. Survey was created to determine preferences on types of fundraising and how best to approach the community. A meeting is scheduled with Erin Studer to discuss fundraising for the school and the institute.
  • Mr. Studer announced Common Core testing was underway with over 86 computers installed in the auditorium over Spring Break. About 60 of those 86 computers were purchased by CCA over the years and made it possible for the set up.
  • Mr. Studer also discussed a potential CHIME High School campus. CHIME’s bid beat out other contenders to buy and develop the campus, so discussions are ongoing with the district and in consult with CHIME Institute board/committee. The topic of expanding CHIME Charter for potential high school or establishing a new one is under consideration. Timing could be up to 5 years to a complete and operational high school.
  • And Mr. Studer gave an update on the Middle School building project.

Read the complete meeting minutes here.

Notes from 11-13-13 Meeting

Some highlights of the 11-13-13 CHIME Community Association meeting follow:

The book fair is coming up. Special incentives will be offered if we read our goal, which is yet to be determined. But last year $18,000 was grossed. $12-15k is our early target for this year. Volunteers are needed.

Mr. Studer informed everyone that he attended the LAUSD Board Meeting the previous evening to represent CHIME and its request for funds from Augmentation of Bond Fund, where he received unanimous vote of yes reserving $2.6MM of additional funds for the CHIME building project. Building units will be built likely off-site to cut down on noise and disruption to campus. Occupancy date likely to be somewhere between December and January, 2014/2015.

Campus Beautification will be November 16. Twenty high school students were on CHIME campus earlier to prep the handball courts with scraping, sanding, prime paint to prepare for mural painting.

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Notes from 10-23-13 Meeting

Some highlights of the 10-23-13 CHIME Community Association meeting follow:

Our school’s executive director, Erin Studer, talked about the upcoming student-teacher conferences and explained they were spaced out to two separate weeks to help with scheduling. He told us that feedback from students, teachers and parents was positive on the Cyber Safety talk given in October and reviewed the sports teams available at CHIME (swimming, volleyball, basketball, flag football, etc.), highlighting some sports victories and talking about the new CHIME Cheetah mascot we’ve seen at recent sports and school events generating added excitement.

He announced there will be no more bubble tests for grades 2-7 State Tests except for science tests. The first Common Core Standards pilot test will be a 50-question competency assessment. So, in the Spring, there will be no bubble tests, no individual results from CST, and API scores will not go out. A new quality report will rate a school’s quality based on parent satisfaction, suspension rates and graduation rates. The testing time window at CHIME will rotate because tests must be taken on computers.

On the construction of the new Middle School Building and expansion, $2.6MM of gap funding from an additional grant has been approved. In November and December we’ll all have the opportunity to review construction and design plans and tour the site, so we can better understand the project. Occupancy of the new building is likely to be January 2015.

Principal Jennifer Lockwood talked about Casino Night, to benefit CHIME Institute (infant toddler, preschool, K-8 charter school) with silent auction, dinner, and special recognition of Dean Michael Spagna. She called our attention to several other upcoming fundraisers—Family Fun Nights, Skateland, Chuck E Cheese, Chili’s all day, McDonald’s night (event pending), and Yogen Fruz (find all times and dates on our calendar). She told us that Annual High School Night will be Thursday, November 14 at 6pm.

Heather Mayer told us that the aim of our upcoming Beautification Day, on Saturday 11/16/13 from 8am to 12noon, is to make “the school campus LOOKS to match its heart.” She encouraged ongoing participation by students and parents by picking up trash on campus rather than simply walking by it for example.

Jennifer Currier let us know that the theme of the School Carnival on April 5 will be a superhero comic book concept, and the carnival will be a kind of street fair as we’ll use Collier/Corbin Streets and the school auditorium. The theme is “Super School Making Super Choices” which ties into a Healthy Family theme to satisfy the State Farm Grant. All families are needed to participate for the carnival to be a success. Anyone who has public relations/marketing/advertising experience especially to reach community. Now is also the time to start soliciting donations for auction items.

We still have some open positions: volunteer coordinator and members for the new upper grade field trip and visitor committee. Also the school music program needs volunteers.

A funding request was taken to vote: a $550 request for Anti-Bullying seminar for parents. Despite the fact that the motion passed, it was clear that members who voted “no” were not allowed the opportunity to express objection so the measure will be brought up for another discussion and vote at the next meeting.

In open forum a question was brought up about whether CHIME has a Reflections Program? Answer: No. A Reflections Program is usually a student contest that fosters appreciation for the arts, such as posters, photos, paintings, dance. A suggestion was made to explore the idea with our director of curriculum. We also discussed talent shows and spelling bees, and the CCA agreed to talk to Ms. Lockwood and perhaps create a community survey to get a read on what people would like to see in future events, while maintaining inclusive importance.
Read the complete meeting minutes here.

What Happened in our First Meeting?

Here are some highlights from the first CHIME Community Association meeting of the year, held September 25:

  • Our music teacher Kelly Callirgos announced there will be two school-wide performances, winter and spring.
  • Mr. Studer reported that construction of the middle school has been delayed but is still on track to start between January and March and finish in October.
  • Mr. Studer also talked about the new Common Core standards and explained that CHIME as a charter school maintains more latitude to design and select curriculum. He discussed the differences between these and old standards: they focus more on critical thinking for example. Core is more likely to provide the “How and Why” than the “What and Who”.
  • He also addressed questions on the school bullying policy. The general approach is to address the victim, bully, respective families and work to remediate. Education and resources are made available. CHIME and District policies are followed, State and Education Laws are factored, and suspension and expulsion options considered.
  • We have won a $100,000 “Healthy Schools” Grant from State Farm Insurance, which is HUGE. One of the ways we’ll satisfy the stipulations of the grant is we will incorporate a Healthy Family theme into our annual carnival, the theme of which will be “Super School Making Super Choices,” using a Super Hero concept.
  • Amy Brenneman talked about our new Performance Workshop for grades 5-8, headed by Steve Pearson. Projects include plays, improv and shows. Eventually there will be guest teachers to help collaborate.
  • Justine Reiss shared that we have earned $3,000 in profits from Spirit Wear sales already—excellent!

Read the complete meeting minutes here.