Contribute to CHIME while Shopping at Food 4 Less

food4lesslogoCHIME is enrolled with the Food4Less Community Contribution Program. If you already have a F4L Fuel Rewards card, you can register online. Or use the bar code below at Food for Less to register automatically as you checkout. If you do not have a Fuel Rewards card, please email to get a new card.

  1. When you receive your card, please register your card online at in order for CHIME to benefit.
  2. Click on “Community”, then “Community Rewards”, then “Enroll”
  3. As a new online customer, click on “Create an Account” right next to the “Sign In.”
  4. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create an account.
  5. After you create your online account, link your account with CHIME (NPO WU013) by editing your Community Rewards information on your profile page.
  6. Now, review your profile including your organization participation with CHIME.


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