Auction Items Needed!

Dear Parents: 

We are gearing up for CHIME’s online auction. We are still in need of additional auction items and hope that you’ll reach out to your local neighborhood merchants for their support. Gift certificates for auction items or small items can be left in the school office for me.  Please connect with me directly to coordinate hand off of any large item.  We are specifically still searching for vacation rentals, event tickets and once in a lifetime experiences to add to our list.

Each week until the auction, we will feature a different category of items that will be available for bidding when the auction goes live at the end of the month. The idea is for each family at CHIME to connect 5 people outside of our community with the auction, to ultimately, increase auction revenue. 

We hope that you will help us today by posting the below graphic on your social media profiles, Nextdoor, send out to family, etc., to get people excited to join us once the auction goes live.(If anyone has the capacity to translate this into major languages spoke at the school, that would be amazing. I can use Google Translate, but it’s not totally reliable and I’d hate to offend someone!)

Thank you,
Rachel RomanskiAuction