Birthday and Holiday Party Guidelines

CHIME is working towards a healthier school and will promote classroom celebrations that promote a healthy school environment. Please support the school in its efforts to show our students that it’s fun to celebrate birthdays and other celebrations the healthy way! Sweets are not being cutting out entirely (we will still have bake and popsicle sales as fundraisers), but please do not bring sweets and/or sugary items for birthdays or celebrations (such as Valentine’s or Halloween).

CHIME is also changing Valentine and Halloween Grams to non-edible items.

Please let the teacher know in advance if you’re bringing a healthy snack into the classroom for a birthday or holiday celebration. Here are some ideas for those special celebrations: Fruit & veggie trays, cheese & crackers, pita chips & hummus, bagels and cream cheese, wraps, fruit kabobs, fruit smoothies, popcorn cups, yogurt parfaits, banana bread, guacamole, frozen yogurt tubes with fresh fruit, pizza bites, etc. Also consider providing gluten/dairy free items for our friends with food allergies. For Halloween or Valentine’s Day, consider non edible treats such as pencils, stickers, or little games to hand out!

Also please consider bringing healthy items to the bake sales, and think about portion control (smaller muffins, fewer donuts). THANKS FOR HELPING KEEP OUR CHIME KIDS HEALTHY!