Carnival and Auction FAQ

We know there are a number of new families at CHIME who are not as familiar with our carnival and auction, so we wanted to take an opportunity to offer a FAQ to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting. We hope you find this useful. Please do not hesitate to contact the chairs with any other questions (emails noted below).

1. When is the Carnival & Auction?

  • The Carnival, Silent Auction & Live Auction are on Saturday, April 5 11:00am-4:00pm.
  • The Online Auction runs from March 25 to April 3.

2. What is the theme of the carnival this year?

1. CHIME—Super School!! We received a significant grant from State Farm Insurance to support health and fitness programs within the CHIME Institute (Charter K-8, preschool, & infant toddler programs). As part of the grant stipulations, we are incorporating the ‘healthy’ theme into our Carnival—so we’ll have all the usual Carnival games and foods PLUS some health fair booths and healthier food choices. Specific details have been developing and will continue to be refined until Saturday, April 5th!

3. How much does everything cost?

  • Admission tickets are $7 per person. Please remember to buy your admission ticket even if you are volunteering to set-up in the morning.
  • Activity tickets are $0.50 each.
  • Food items range from 8-16 tickets.
  • Game booths are 1 ticket.
  • Rides range from 4-8 tickets.

4. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, for the auction and on the day of the Carnival, you may pay with cash, check or credit/debit cards

5. Do I have to volunteer?

  • The Carnival & Auction are run COMPLETELY by parent volunteers. We request that every family plan to volunteer for 2 hours or more at the Carnival/Auction and/or during the planning stages before April 5.
  • You can have your child work your classroom/grade booth with you.
  • If it will be challenging on the day of the event, please contact an event chair to help now before the event.
  • Please watch for email updates for volunteer sign-ups that will come through the room parents and the CHIME eBlasts, or contact a chair to volunteer.

6. When is the Auction donation deadline?

  • Family Baskets – Monday, 3/10.
  • General Donations – Friday, 3/14.
  • If you can get something, but it will take longer, please contact an auction chair so they can plan for it.

7. What’s the difference between the class/family basket and if I just donate any item?

  • Family/class baskets are baskets of many items with a theme. Each year the committee selects themes that have done well or have a popular interest. We ask people to contribute specific items so that we have some cohesively-themed interest baskets.
  • You can ask companies to donate the specific items, buy the items yourself or with a group of friends, use your reward points to get them—be creative!
  • General donations are items that are solicited; you asked a company or individual to donate a gift card, a service, a product, etc. This can range from restaurants, department stores, local shops, service people (pool service, pest control, legal, counseling, medical, etc.), hotels, health & beauty spas—again, be creative. Pretty much any place you go is something someone else could use, so please ask them to consider donating.

8. What if I have a donation from my office, who do I give that to?

9. Are the items on the google doc the only items needed?

No. The Google doc is only what we need for the Themed Baskets. We welcome ALL donations. No donation is too small.

10. What company’s or businesses have donated so far so I do not ask again?

As part of our auction team process, we send donation requests to past donors and complete corporate applications. If you walk in to ask for a donation, most places understand that parents are soliciting for schools and most don’t mind being asked twice or reminded that they have our donation request.

Also, you being there and asking may be the difference between us getting the donation or not, so please just ask.

11. What are items that the school has received already? What items are most wanted?

Restaurants and clothing stores tend to sell the best at auction, but every donation is welcomed and desired. Every donation will help support programs for our kids!

Please visit the web page for the latest updates to the Carnival & Auction.

Thank you for hitting the streets, picking up the phone, and supporting our Auction & Carnival!!

The Auction & Carnival Teams

Jennifer Currier, Carnival Co-Chair:
Melanie Stedman, Carnival Co-Chair:
Stacy Cameron, Auction Co-Chair:
Sarah Cook, Auction Co-Chair:
Erfan Marks, Auction Family Basket Chair:
Rhonda Vittetoe, Ticket Sales: