Have You Got a Donation for the Carnival Auction?

The CHIME Carnival is fast approaching and the auction  committee needs your help. The Annual Carnival Auction is the greatest grossing fundraiser we have and our success relies heavily on the participation of ALL school families.

The donation deadline is being extended to Friday, April 24 2015.

How you can help
  1. Print out the auction solicitation letter (or pick one up from the office) and approach your favorite restaurants, theaters, hairdressers, nail salons, tutors, camps, babysitters, afterschool activities etc. and ask for a donation. Gift cards, class vouchers, and event tickets are all great ideas. It’s not as scary as it sounds!!!! You’ll be surprised how many businesses in our area are willing to help. All donations are tax deductible, and we are glad to make available any promotional material they would like us to put out at the event as well.


  1. Donate Items to be included in our family baskets. Just sign up for items on the google doc and then drop purchased items in the designated boxes in your child’s classroom and gift cards in the office.

For questions contact Stacy at 818.425.6200 or ducancomet@gmail.com