Meeting Notes

Notes from 9-24-14 Meeting

At the last meeting a number of fundraising reports were given, and Mr. Studer made an administration report. He discussed Common Core changes to curriculum, teacher professional development training, and the anti-bullying campaign at CHIME. There are a few open volunteer positions still open, most importantly the Carnival Co-Chair positions.

Notes from 4-30-13 Meeting

Some highlights of the 4-30-13 CHIME Community Association meeting follow: Chimeapalooza, a variety show and annual fundraising event for the CHIME Institute, will take place May 7 at CSUN. A nominating committee was formed to generate awareness and interest in CCA Board Member nominations for next year. There are nominating forms available to nominate existing and new board members. Thus far …

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Notes from 10-23-13 Meeting

Some highlights of the 10-23-13 CHIME Community Association meeting follow: Our school’s executive director, Erin Studer, talked about the upcoming student-teacher conferences and explained they were spaced out to two separate weeks to help with scheduling. He told us that feedback from students, teachers and parents was positive on the Cyber Safety talk given in October …

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