How Does the Amazon Associates Program Work?

How it works

Our Amazon Associates program raises money when you click CHIME’S Amazon link on our website and purchase items from the Amazon store. CHIME is an ‘associate’ and we earn money by driving traffic (you!) to Amazon. When items are purchased by that traffic (you!), the associate (CHIME) receives part of the ad revenue Amazon collects from advertisers. So, although you don’t see that you are making money for CHIME, you are! The more items purchased, the more we earn per item purchased.

For example

Each month, CHIME receives a report on how many items were purchased through our link and how much each purchase earned. As more items are purchased each month, we earn higher percentages of purchases. We can earn anywhere from 4 to 10%!

Quantity of items % earned
1-6 4%
7-30 6%
31-110 6.5%
And on up…

Things to know

  • No sign up required
  • Same Amazon, same prices
  • Can still use your Amazon Prime Membership
  • Anyone can click through our link (friends, grandparents, neighbors etc.)
  • Amazon doesn’t show you that you are making money for CHIME, just know that you are if you use our link
  • Any purchase counts, even Amazon Instant Video rentals
  • Find the link at and click

How much we’ve earned so far!

Month(s) Items purchased $ for CHIME
Nov – Dec 2013 161 $218.65
Jan 2014 42 $69.91