You’re Invited to the 6th WALK-N-ROLL-N-ZOOM(ba)-THON


This is a make-it-or-break-it year for the music program! Please have your child get sponsors (we are no longer doing “per lap” sponsorship, just a flat rate), and come join our children as they walk, roll or Zumba around our track on Friday, January 31. Here’s the pledge sheet.

Our goal is $35,000. Our Student Body is about 700. $35,000/700 = $50 minimum sponsorship per student. We have some great incentives this year! If we earn:

• $20,000—A popsicle for EVERY student
• $25,000—School-wide free-dress for ONE DAY!
• $30,000—School-wide free-dress for ONE WEEK!!
• $35,000—CHIME will bring in an AWESOME band to perform for the entire student body during school—AND WE SAVE THE MUSIC PROGRAM!

After we’ve set-up the field and decorated the school with encouraging posters, we’ll need to cheer everyone on as they move (however they choose) to show their own support, commitment and enthusiasm for our music program.

Get a (dress-code approved) Zoombathon tshirt for the event! Place your pre-order by Monday, January 27 by 11am to ensure delivery in time. Shirts will also be available at the event while supplies last.

Can you volunteer to help that day? Here’s where you sign up. If you can’t volunteer can you make a poster with your student?